How Retirement Accounts and Benefits Are Affected by Divorce

A common concern of individuals contemplating divorce is the division of property. Retirement accounts and social security benefits are typically the most valued assets during a divorce. Individuals divorcing after the age of 50 are likely to place an even higher value on retirement benefits since financial concerns tend to increase as the age of … Continued

Suspecting Your Spouse of Wrongfully Disposing of Community Property

  California is a community property state which generally, for purposes of divorce, means that in theory each spouse is entitled to one-half of all property acquired by either spouse during marriage other than those acquired by gift or inheritance or by funds stemming from gifts or inheritance. Unfortunately, it is quite common for one … Continued

What to Do When Your Ex Does Not Pay Child or Spousal Support

Many family law litigants rely upon child and spousal support payments from their ex-spouse/partner as part of their financial survival. When those payments are not made, they are often left in difficult and desperate circumstances.   This post addresses several steps that can be taken to ensure compliance with financial support orders and, if necessary, force … Continued